A room with a view.

October 2007
OK maybe not a room with a view, but how about a wish list with a view?

Would you like another view to your wish list? Maybe just an overview of the wish list, instead of seeing all the details.

more » When you look at a wish list now, it is possible to change the view you see.
If you have a wish list, which is more of a list of ideas, you may not have pictures of the items, so the list view may give you a nicer display.

On the other hand, maybe you have a wish list of about 100 books that you want, that's a long wish list to scroll through.
How about the thumbnail wish list view? This view shows you a thumbnail of all the items on the wish list. Hovering over the thumbnail will display the title for you.

Hurry up, out of my way!

October 2007
Quick, I've just thought of something that I can get my mum for her birthday. I haven't got time to go and find it now, or to fill out all the fields, but I really need to put it on a wish list, before I forget!

more » How many times have you had a brilliant idea for a present for someone, but then when you are doing the shopping cannot remember what it was?
We have now added a QuickAdd feature for times like this.
Just login to MyElist, on your Homepage you will find this new feature.

There is a simple dropdown box, which contains the names of any wishlists you own. Select the wishlist you want to add an item to, fill in some text to remind yourself what it was, then hit the Quickadd button.

The item is then added onto the wishlist with text you entered in the box showing as the title. The focus remains on your homepage, even after the item has been added, just in case you're on a roll, have had several brainwaves and want to make a quicknote on a wishlist of several items.

Clear, Concise & Clutter

October 2007
I want to get organised. Sound familiar?
How many articles have you come across that claim in order to get organised, first de-clutter around you?

more » One of the intentions creating this website, was to help people get organised.
I am an avid fan of creating lists to help me get organised. Whether that is a to-do list, or a christmas wish list, a birthday wish list or even a wish list of things I must remember to buy at some point.

It did make me wonder though, if having a website full of adverts, flashing banners, adsense columns actually conflicted with the true intentions of why I was creating a wish list website.

The aim has remained to create a website free from clutter, to help save you time, but also to create a place where you have everything you need close at hand. I hope you find this clutter free view a refreshing change and an aid to help you get organised too.

Do you have any friends?

September 2007
Great! You've created your wishlist for your birthday, now what?

Well with any luck someone will ask you "what would you like?"

All you need to do now is to point them to MyEList. However, you will need to add them onto this wishlist in order for them to see it - afterall, you don't want them seeing the shopping list you have created of items you are going to buy everyone else for Christmas do you?

more » We have recently been working hard to make this even easier for you. Now, when you add someone's email address onto your wishlist, they automatically get added into your friends list.
This populates the dropdown box for future, so you now only have to click on their email address instead of having to type it in each time.

If you need to remove or add someone to your friends list, without adding them to a wishlist, or because you have spelt their email address wrong, you can do this by managing your account. Select the Manage Option in the top tool bar.

Are you an air traffic controller too?

September 2007
I work full-tme and am also the mother of two girls. I often think that this is how an air traffic controller might feel. I sit at my desk at work, miles away from my children, trying to coordinate everyone being in the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment even though I am not physically there.

more » I find that life is very full, so trying to organise events such as birthdays and Christmas always add a bit of extra stress. My family and friends are very conscientious and thoughtful, asking what we all would like, instead of making wild guesses. So I end up trying to coordinate who buys what, as well as carrying on with the day to day chaos. Ensuring everyone is happy with what they are giving as well as what they are given!

I have created this website to help me overcome this bit of extra stress, which helps to coordinate the whole present buying business. I hope other people in my position will find it useful, or have ideas on how to make it even better.

Creating this website will now free up some of my time, so that I can carry on running around like a headless chicken, ferrying the children to clubs, or even cracking on with the decorating at home, while my family can browse the wishlists we have created online.